Quiz on Seasons (Geography)

1. What is a particular period of a year having a specific climate?

2. What is the period from 22nd December to 21st June called?

3. What is 22nd March called in the northern hemisphere?

4. Where is the midday sun exactly overhead on 21st June?

5. Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere?

6. Where does the sun continuously appear from 22nd March to 23rd September?

7. Where is the midday sun exactly overhead on 22nd December?

8. Which is the longest day in southern hemisphere?

9. What is 22nd December known as in the northern hemisphere?

10. Where day and night are of equal duration throughout the year?

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Quiz on Motions of the Earth and their Effects(Geography)

11. What forms due to rotation?

12. What is the earth's motion around its axis called?

13. What is the earth's spinning motion called?

14. What is the path when the earth goes around the sun is known as?

15. What is the motion of going round on orbit is called?

16. What is the path of revolution?

17. How many centres an ellipse has?

18. What is the earth's nearest position to the sun?

19. What is the earth's farthest position to the sun?

20. What is the time that the earth takes to revolve around the sun is called?

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Quiz on The Solar System (Geography)

21. What is the head the Solar System?

22. What is a satellite of the earth?

23. What are the tiny celestial bodies between Mars and Jupiter?

24. Which of the following is not an inner planet?

25. Which of the following is not an outer planet?

26. Which planet is nearest to the sun?

27. Which is the brightest planet seen in the sky?

28. Which planet rotates from east to west?

29. Which is the biggest planet in the solar system?

30. What is the colour of Neptune?

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Quizzes on Standard Six “History of Ancient India” Lessons

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Quiz on Ancient India and the World (History of Ancient India)

31. Which of the following were not exported to Rome from India?

32. To which port in Europe did Arab traders carry Indian goods?

33. Who took the concept of zero in mathematics to Europe?

34. Which countries were greatly influenced by Indian culture?

35. Pearls from which country were in great demand in India?

36. Where is the influence of Ajanta paintings seen?

37. Who were the Buddhist Bhikkhus invited by the Emperor of China?

38. Where is the Buddhist stupa in Indonesia greatly influenced by Indian architecture?

39. Where are ballet dances based on the stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata popular?

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Quiz on India : Cultural (History of Ancient India)

40. Who wrote Buddhacharit?

41. What are Buddhist scriptures?

42. Who wrote Shakuntala?

43. Which is a well-known text in Indian medicine?

44. Which book describes various chemicals, metals in their pure form, etc.?

45. Who stated that the earth revolves around the sun?

46. How many students could Nalanda university accommodate at a time?

47. Where did Emperor Ashoka build a stupa?

48. Which caves contain statues of the Buddha and colourful frescoes?

49. Where is the iron pillar which is an excellent specimen of the metallurgical skill?

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Quiz on Ancient Kingdoms of the South (History of Ancient India)

50. Which was the capital of the Satavahanas?

51. Who of the Satavahana kings is particularly well-known?

52. Who founded the Vakataka dynasty?

53. Who was the most renowned of the Vakataka kings?

54. Who established the rule of the Chalukya dynasty?

55. Which was the capital of the Chalukyas?

56. Who repulsed Emperor Harshavardhan's invasion?

57. Which was the capital of the Pallavas?

58. Who had defeated Pulakeshi II?

59. Which famous Sanskrit poet was at the Pallava court?

60. Sangham literature is in which language?

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Quiz on Ancient Kingdoms of the North (History of Ancient India)

61. Who defeated Brihadratha?

62. Who is referred to as Milinda in Indian writings?

63. Who was a famous king of the Kushanas?

64. Which empire flourished in India between 320 AD and 600 AD?

65. Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty?

66. Who annexed Malawa, Gujarat and Saurashtra to the Gupta empire?

67. Who was the most renowned king of the Vardhan dynasty?

68. Which was the capital of Harshavardhan's empire?

69. Which Bhikku came to India from China during Harsha's regime?

70. How many years did Fa Hien stay in India?

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Quiz on India during the Maurya Period (History of Ancient India)

71. Who was the founder of the Maurya empire?

72. Who invaded India during the during Chandragupta Maurya's rule?

73. Who was Seleucus Nicator's ambassador to Chandragupta's court?

74. Where did Chandragupta Maurya spend his last days?

75. Which kingdom did Ashoka annex?

76. Where did Ashoka convene a grand religious council?

77. Whom did Ashoka send to Sri Lanka to preach Buddhism?

78. In how many divisions did Ashoka divide his empire?

79. Who wrote Ashtaddhyayi?

80. What are compositions of women of Bauddha Sanghas known as?

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