Quiz on The Earth and its Living World (Environmental Studies)

1. What is a vast continuous stretch of land called?

2. What are huge blocks of ice floating in the sea called?

3. What is the envelope of air around the earth called?

4. What is the layer up to a height of about 50 km from the earth called?

5. Where are zebras found?

6. Where are kangaroos found?

7. What are living things and all the parts they occupy together called?

8. What is the earth's crust and a small hard portion of the layer under it called?

9. What absorbs ultraviolet rays coming from the sun?

Quiz on A Collage (English)

10. When was Sachin Tendulkar born?

11. When did Sachin Tendulkar play his first Test?

12. How many Test centuries did Sachin Tendulkar score?

13. How many ODI centuries did Sachin Tendulkar score?

14. Who was Sachin Tendulkar's coach?

15. When did Sachin Tendulkar play his last ODI?

16. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar play his last Test?

17. Which of the following is the highest award?

18. How many ODI runs did Sachin Tendulkar score?

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Quiz on Sultan Ghiyasuddin in the Qazi’s Court (English)

19. Where did Sultan Ghiyasuddin rule?

20. With what was the Sultan practising?

21. Who was accidentally wounded?

22. Who went to the Qazi?

23. Who stopped the officer?

24. What did the officer do?

25. What did the officer give to the Sultan?

26. What did the Sultan hide in his robe?

27. What did the Qazi bring out from under the cushion?

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Quiz on A Great Leader (English)

28. What did people lovingly call Gandhi?

29. What type of will was of Gandhi?

30. What was Gandhi's dress?

31. Where were women not seen at public meetings?

32. Who gave a reception at his palace?

33. How was the king dressed?

34. What new path did Gandhi show?

35. When was Bal Gangadhar Tilak born?

36. Who became the first woman to teach in a girls' school in Pune?

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Quiz on It’s Only a Matter of Practice (English)

37. Where did Chen Yaozi live?

38. What was Chen Yaozi?

39. What was the old man carrying?

40. What did the old man say when Chen Yaozi showed his skill?

41. What was the old man?

42. What did the old man put on the mouth of the gourd?

43. What did the small coin have at the centre?

44. What was the reaction of the people when no trace of oil could be seen on the coin?

45. What did Chen Yaozi lose?

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Quiz on Aesop’s Fables (English)

46. What are short stories that have a moral or message for us?

47. Where did Aesop live?

48. What did the stag see in the water?

49. What did the stag hear going swish across the pool?

50. Who were hot on the stag's trail?

51. What saved the stag's life?

52. Where did the dog rest?

53. What did the ox plan to eat?

54. Who said "Don't begrudge others what you don't enjoy yourself."?

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Quiz on Rangoli (English)

55. What does rang mean?

56. What does aawali mean?

57. What is the most interesting feature of Rangoli?

58. In which festival Rangoli occupies a special place?

59. How is Rangoli known in Uttar Pradesh?

60. How is Rangoli known in Rajasthan?

61. How is Rangoli known in Andhra Pradesh?

62. How is Rangoli known in Bengal?

63. How is Rangoli known in Bihar?

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Quiz on Helen Keller (English)

64. When was Helen Keller born?

65. At what age did Helen Keller become terribly ill and nearly die?

66. Who came to teach and look after Helen Keller?

67. What method Anne Sullivan had learnt at a school for blind people?

68. What did Helen Keller spell touching her little sister?

69. What books Helen Keller began to read?

70. Where did Helen Keller put her fingers to listen to people?

71. Which college did Helen Keller enter?

72. When did Helen Keller pass away?

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Quiz on Be a Netizen (English)

73. What is like an ocean of information?

74. What do thousands of websites on the net together form?

75. What are you when your computer is connected to the internet?

76. What are you when your computer is not connected to the internet?

77. What do you do to the information on internet you want to read or use later?

78. What do you need to display information on the net?

79. What is the system of sending and receiving messages on computers known as?

80. What is a secret word or group of letters and/or numbers?

81. Who are people who use the net?

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