Quiz on The Earth and its Living World (Environmental Studies)

1. What is a vast continuous stretch of land called?

2. What are huge blocks of ice floating in the sea called?

3. What is the envelope of air around the earth called?

4. What is the layer up to a height of about 50 km from the earth called?

5. Where are zebras found?

6. Where are kangaroos found?

7. What are living things and all the parts they occupy together called?

8. What is the earth's crust and a small hard portion of the layer under it called?

9. What absorbs ultraviolet rays coming from the sun?

Quiz on Natural Regions (Geography)

10. What are regions having a similar natural environment called?

11. Which region has rainfall all the year round?

12. Which region has rainfall in a particular season?

13. Which region has extreme heat and very scanty rainfall?

14. Which plants are found in Mediterranean region?

15. Which region has very short grass?

16. Which region has extreme variation in the winter and summer temperature?

17. Which region has plants with a short life-span?

18. Which region has temperature below freezing point throughout the year?

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Quizzes on Standard Six Geography Lessons

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Quiz on Biosphere (Geography)

19. What is space occupied by the living world on the earth called?

20. What do plants get from the soil?

21. On what does agricultural productivity of any region depend?

22. Which forests show maximum bio-diversity?

23. What forests we get when water is scarce?

24. Which grass can hide elephants?

25. When do polar bears visit cold deserts?

26. What are animals that live in forests known as?

27. Which of the following is a carnivorous animal?

28. Which of the following is a herbivorous animal?

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Quiz on Rain (Geography)

29. What is rain caused by upward flow of hot air called?

30. What is rain caused by obstructing mountains forcing the air to rise is called?

31. What rain most of the areas in the world receive?

32. In which region occurrence of convectional rain is certain?

33. What are lines on map drawn through places receiving the same amount of rainfall called?

34. How much rainfall Antarctica receives?

35. How much rainfall areas of moderate rainfall receive?

36. How much rainfall areas of heavy rainfall receive?

37. Which valley receives more than 2000 mm rainfall?

38. Which instrument is used for measuring rain?

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Quiz on Winds (Geography)

39. Which winds blow all round the year?

40. Which winds blow from west to east?

41. What are winds that blow from the valley to the mountain top called?

42. What are winds that blow from the mountain top to the valley called?

43. Where are land and sea breezes seen?

44. Due to what the inequality between the air pressures is reduced?

45. What in the sea are caused by winds?

46. What is used to measure for finding out the direction of the winds?

47. Which of the following is a cold wind?

48. Which of the following is a hot wind?

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Quiz on Air Pressure (Geography)

49. What is the unit for measuring air pressure?

50. How is air pressure expressed?

51. What happens to air when the temperature rises?

52. What happens to air density when temperature decreases?

53. How is air pressure at higher altitudes?

54. What is a line joining the places on the map having the same air pressure called?

55. Which pressure belt is between 25° and 35° latitudes in both hemispheres?

56. What are used to measure air pressure?

57. When is maximum heat felt?

58. In which zone the rays can be exactly perpendicular?

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Quiz on Air Temperature (Geography)

59. What is the instrument for measuring the extent of heat called?

60. How do the rays generally fall in the equatorial region?

61. What happens to air temperature in the troposphere as we go higher from sea-level?

62. Where is the day temperature low and night temperature high?

63. How is the climate around large water bodies usually?

64. How are currents flowing from the equator to the poles?

65. What is a line joining the places on the map having the same temperature called?

66. What is the maximum value of the isotherm?

67. In which zone the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold?

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Quiz on Local Time and International Date Line (Geography)

68. What is the longitude of New Orleans?

69. What is the longitude of Accra?

70. What is the longitude of Patna?

71. How many minutes the earth takes to turn through one degree?

72. How many hours the earth takes to rotate around itself?

73. What is the time at 0° longitude called?

74. What is the difference between the local time on two longitudes at a distance of 15°?

75. It is 12 noon at Greenwich. What is the time at 45° E?

76. The International Date Line is determined with reference to which longitude?

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