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Quizzes on Maharashtra Board Standard Eight “Civics and Administration” Lessons.

Quiz on International Co-operation and Development (Civics and Administration)

1. What has given a boost to international co-operation?

2. Which nations are placed low on the Human Development Index?

3. What has led to an integration of economies?

4. What are the fields in which different countries have transactions with one another?

5. To solve what problems do poor countries have to take special efforts?

6. What is globalisation?

7. What economic reforms did India bring about after 1990?

8. Where do we see the advantages of technological progress?

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Quiz on Human Rights (Civics and Administration)

9. From what do individuals get their human rights?

10. What does right to live mean?

11. Why does there have to be an increased awareness about human rights?

12. What is meant by the right to acquire nationality?

13. Why has India established the National Human Rights Commission?

14. What is meant by human rights?

15. Why does no one have the authority to take away human rights?

16. Write five articles from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

17. Write about the structure of the National Human Rights Commission in India.

18. When did the United Nations proclaim the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

19. When did India establish the National Human Rights Commission?

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Quiz on United Nations (Civics and Administration)

20. When was the United Nations established?

21. Which assembly/council has representatives of all member countries as members?

22. When was the Trusteeship Council dissolved?

23. Where is the Secretariat of UN?

24. Where is the International Court of Justice based?

25. Where are the Headquarters of International Labour Organization?

26. Where are the Headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organization?

27. Where are the Headquarters of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization?

28. Where are the Headquarters of World Health Organization?

29. Where are the Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency?

30. What is binding on all member countries of the United Nations?

31. Name the five permanent members of the Security Council

32. Why was the Economic and Social Council established?

33. What is veto power?

34. What are the functions of the International Court of Justice?

35. What are the functions of the Security Council?

36. What are the objectives of the United Nations?

37. What are the functions of the General Assembly?

38. What are the functions of the Economic and Social Council?

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Quiz on The Functions of the United Nations (Civics and Administration)

39. On what does the UN lay special emphasis on resolving conflicts through?

40. What International Day has the UN declared 8 March as?

41. What Year did the UN declare the Year 1975 as?

42. How does the UN expect the nations to resolve their disputes and disagreements?

43. When does the UN use the method of direct action?

44. What work did the Indian Peace Keeping Force do in Somalia?

45. What issues were discussed in the Earth Summit in 1992?

46. Why has the UN declared International Women's Day?

47. What is disarmament?

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Quiz on India’s Foreign Policy (Civics and Administration)

48. Which country's foreign policy's characteristic feature is opposition to colonialism and imperialism?

49. Who officially put for the principles of Panchsheel in 1954?

50. Who was the President of Yugoslavia?

51. Who was the President of Egypt?

52. Who was the President of Indonesia?

53. Who was the Prime Minister of Ghana?

54. What does Article 51 of the Indian Constitution guide us about?

55. What does the Non-Aligned Movement oppose?

56. What are the values on which Non-Aligned Movement is based?

57. What are the objectives of India's foreign policy?

58. What are the Panchsheel principles of India's foreign policy?

59. What confidence has the Non-Aligned Movement given to less developed countries?

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Quiz on India’s Defence System (Civics and Administration)

60. Who is the head of the Indian Armed Forces?

61. Under which list defence as a subject falls so the Union Government has the authority to take decisions regarding security issues?

62. What has been set up to protect the Indian coasts?

63. Where is National Defence Academy?

64. Where is Indian Military Academy?

65. Where is National Defence College?

66. What is the main function of the army?

67. What does the Central Reserve Police Force do?

68. Why was the National Cadet Corps instituted?

69. Why is it necessary to maintain well-equipped armed forces?

70. What does the Border Security Force do?

71. What does the Rapid Action Force do?

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Quiz on Foreign Policy (Civics and Administration)

72. What is specific to every country?

73. What is in the interest of every nation to have among nations based on friendly relations?

74. Which independent policy has close relationship with economy?

75. Which decisions are the sovereign nations free to take?

76. What kind of relations are there among nations?

77. Which countries are called 'sovereign' countries?

78. Which qualities among the citizens increase the strength of a nation?

79. What is national interest?

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