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Quizzes on Maharashtra Board Standard Eight “English BalBharati” Lessons.

Quiz on Inspiring News (English)

1. When was the National Bravery Award Scheme initiated?

2. Who initiated the National Bravery Award Scheme?

3. From which village was Asu Kanwar?

4. How old was Asu?

5. Who came to Asu's rescue?

6. When did Kirti, Preeti and Gulsafa fall into the river?

7. Who saved Kirti, Preeti and Gulsafa?

8. Where did Kritika Jhanwar study?

9. How many burglars entered Kritika's room?

10. With what did Kritika fight the burglars?

11. How many burglars were caught immediately?

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Quiz on The Eagle (English)

12. What does the eagle clasp with crooked hands?

13. To what is the eagle close in lonely lands?

14. What is the eagle ringed with?

15. What does the wrinkled sea do?

16. From where does the eagle watch?

17. Like what does the eagle fall?

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Quiz on A Debate – II (English)

18. What is the purpose of advertising?

19. What sharpens the imagination of every reader?

20. What is mightier than the pen?

21. What can be stored in a chip?

22. What are a time-saver?

23. Where are bookstores not seen?

24. What do books save?

25. How can books, magazines, newspapers reach remote villages?

26. What are the printed word and electronic media?

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Quiz on A Debate – I (English)

27. What was Radhika reading?

28. Who was not fond of reading?

29. What was the topic of the debate?

30. How many speakers were in each team?

31. Who was the captain of the girls' team?

32. Who was the captain of the boys' team?

33. What is easily available at stalls?

34. Who claim images are the natural language of the brain?

35. What serves to impart quality education to all?

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Quiz on The Quality of Mercy (English)

36. What is mercy compared with?

37. Why is mercy called 'twice blessed'?

38. What does a King's sceptre show?

39. When do earthly powers resemble God?

40. What teaches us to show mercy to others?

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Quiz on The Play (English)

41. Who was the king of Andher Nagari?

42. From which forest did the disciple come to pay his respects to the king?

43. Whom did the thief blame?

44. Whom did the bricklayer blame?

45. Who blamed the money-lender's daughter?

46. Whom did the money-lender's daughter blame?

47. Why was the goldsmith not hanged?

48. Who wanted to be hanged instead of the disciple?

49. Who ordered the guards to hang him?

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Quiz on The Cloud (English)

50. What does the cloud bring for the thirsting flowers?

51. What does the cloud bear for the leaves?

52. What are shaken from the wings of the cloud?

53. What does the cloud whiten?

54. Who are the parents of the cloud?

55. Whose nursling is the cloud?

56. When is the pavilion of Heaven bare?

57. What is the colour of the dome of Air?

58. What does the cloud silently do at its own cenotaph?

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Quiz on Mark Twain (English)

59. Why did Mark Twain enter a barber shop?

60. Who said Mark Twain had discovered a new principle of calling by instalments?

61. Who was telling a story to Mark Twain?

62. What is lightning bug?

63. Which letter Mark Twain wanted to replace sh?

64. What did a reader find in his paper?

65. Which comet blazed through the sky the night Mark Twain died?

66. What is a person with a new idea until the idea succeeds?

67. What is a book which people praise and don't read?

68. What do we get when we expect climate?

69. Why is truth stranger than fiction?

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Quiz on The Story of Tea (English)

70. Which is the most consumed beverage in the world, after water?

71. What is the biological name of the tea plant?

72. How much rainfall a year do tea plants require?

73. Which soil tea plants prefer?

74. Which of the following is not a tea type?

75. Which of the following is not a tea growing region in India?

76. Who is the father of Chinese agriculture and medicine?

77. Who wanted to find a herb which would help him to stay awake?

78. When did Robert Bruce discover tea plants in the Upper Brahmaputra valley?

79. What antioxidants does tea contain?

80. Where is tea made and served in samovars?

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