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Quizzes on Maharashtra Board Standard Eight Geography Lessons.

Quiz on Germany (Geography)

1. When did East Germany and West Germany reunite?

2. In which mountain is Germany's highest peak Zugspitze?

3. Where is the famous Humboldt University situated?

4. On which river's banks is Hamburg situated?

5. For which industrial products is Germany famous?

6. Which company provides air transport service in Germany?

7. Which part of Germany has reserves of natural gas?

8. Where is Germany's national library with more than a million books?

9. Which of the following cities is located on the banks of river Main?

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Quiz on Italy (Geography)

10. Which two independent countries are located within Italy?

11. Which is Italy's highest peak?

12. Of which item is Italy a leading producer?

13. Which is the major river in Italy?

14. Which of the following seas does not border Italy?

15. Which city is known as the City of canals?

16. On which river's banks is Rome situated?

17. Where is the Leaning Tower?

18. What is Italy's gift to the world of music?

19. Which city has the Leonardo da Vinci museum?

20. Which city is famous for its ship building industry?

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Quiz on The Continent of Australia (Geography)

21. Which is the highest peak in Australia?

22. What passes through roughly the centre of Australia?

23. Which is a distinctive animal that has a pouch?

24. Which reef of coral rocks that runs parallel to the Queensland coast?

25. Of which trees does Australia have a large number of species?

26. Which is the national bird of Australia?

27. Which is the special characteristic of the platypus and echidna?

28. Which river is the tributary of the Murray?

29. Which of following deserts is not in Australia?

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Quiz on The Continent of Europe (Geography)

30. Which mountains are in the southeast of Europe?

31. Which is the highest peak in Europe?

32. Where is the distance between the continents of Europe and Africa the least?

33. Which rivers flow in the Gulf of Bothnia near the Scandinavian Peninsula?

34. Which sea in Europe has maximum reserves of oil and natural gas?

35. Name any two rivers flowing through the North European Plains.

36. Which mountains separate France from Spain?

37. Which of the following countries in Europe is not a landlocked country?

38. Which river basin lies between the Alps and the Apennine mountains?

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Quiz on Secondary and Tertiary Occupations (Geography)

39. Where in India iron-steel industry came to be located?

40. Which climate is suitable for cotton textile industry?

41. When was GATT established?

42. When did WTO become functional?

43. Which country had taken lead in establishing SAARC?

44. Which country has recently been included in SAARC?

45. What is making a local or regional item globally available called?

46. Which of the following is a secondary occupation?

47. Which of the following is a tertiary occupation?

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Quiz on The Continent of Antarctica (Geography)

48. Which is the highest peak in the continent of Antarctica?

49. How does the continent of Antarctica rank in terms of area?

50. When did the first batch of Indian scientist reach Antarctica?

51. Which plateau is situated on the Antarctic Peninsula?

52. What do whales feed on?

53. Which is the first research station established by India on Antarctica?

54. Why minerals extraction is not permitted in Antarctica?

55. Why is Antarctica covered under ice all the year round?

56. Why was this continent named 'Antarctica'?

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Quiz on Human Settlements (Geography)

57. Which occupations are mainly found in rural settlements?

58. Which settlements are mainly seen in the coastal areas?

59. Which problem is due to lack of job availability?

60. Where do tribal people have settlements?

61. Where do farmers have settlements?

62. Where do migrants of low income group in urban areas live?

63. Which of the following is a result of unemployment?

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Quiz on Primary Occupations (Geography)

64. Which are occupations based on natural resources called?

65. Which of the following is not a primary occupation?

66. Which type of agriculture has small size farms?

67. Where were gold mines in Karnataka?

68. Which state is a leading state in freshwater fishery?

69. Which is a main crop of extensive agriculture?

70. Which of the following is a not a plantation crop?

71. Which revolution is associated with milk?

72. Who practise animal husbandry in Saurashtra?

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Quiz on Man and Natural Environment (Geography)

73. What is the sequential transfer of energy called?

74. What is the surrounding condition that affects the life of a biotic component called?

75. Through which process plants produce food with the help of solar energy?

76. What type of animal is man?

77. Which of the following is a tertiary consumer?

78. What are worms?

79. Which science answers questions about biotic and abiotic components?

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