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Quiz on The Earth and its Living World (Environmental Studies)

1. What is a vast continuous stretch of land called?

2. What are huge blocks of ice floating in the sea called?

3. What is the envelope of air around the earth called?

4. What is the layer up to a height of about 50 km from the earth called?

5. Where are zebras found?

6. Where are kangaroos found?

7. What are living things and all the parts they occupy together called?

8. What is the earth's crust and a small hard portion of the layer under it called?

9. What absorbs ultraviolet rays coming from the sun?

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Quiz on Motions of the Earth (Environmental Studies)

10. What is the imaginary circle that divides the earth into two equal parts called?

11. How many days a leap year has?

12. Which month has an extra day in a leap year?

13. What is the cycle of six seasons called?

14. What is the fortnight ending on a full moon?

15. What is the fortnight ending on a new moon?

16. What is the motion of the earth around itself called?

17. What is the period of time that the earth takes to complete one rotation called?

18. What is the motion of the earth around the sun called?

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Quiz on Our Earth and Our Solar System (Environmental Studies)

19. What are the heavenly bodies that twinkle called?

20. What are the heavenly bodies that do not twinkle called?

21. What are the heavenly bodies that revolve around planets called?

22. Which planet is between Jupiter and Uranus?

23. When did ISRO launch a spacecraft to the moon?

24. When did Mangalyaan get established in an orbit around Mars?

25. What is the force that heavenly bodies exert on one another called?

26. What is the emptiness between and beyond the stars and planets called?

27. What are scientists who travel in spacecraft called?

28. Who is the first Indian astronaut?

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