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Quizzes on Maharashtra Board Standard Seven “General Science” Lessons.

Quiz on Acids, Bases and Salts (General Science)

1. Which of the following does not taste sour?

2. What do substances that taste sour contain?

3. What are substances like lime, soap, ash called?

4. What are substances used to find out if a substance is an acid or a base called?

5. What happens when litmus is added to an acid?

6. What happens when litmus is added to a base?

7. Which substances do not affect either red or blue litmus papers?

8. What are formed when metals are heated?

9. What are oxides of non-metals?

10. What are oxides of metals?

11. What are bases that dissolve in water called?

12. What is the chemical reaction that takes place between acids and bases called?

13. What is common salt?

14. Which acid does tamarind contain?

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Quiz on Properties of Water (General Science)

15. How many atoms of hydrogen are in one molecule of water?

16. Mass is measured in what?

17. Volume is measured in what?

18. What is the density of water?

19. What is the salinity of sea water?

20. Which river flows into the Dead Sea?

21. What is the salinity of the Dead Sea?

22. Which line indicates how much a ship can be loaded?

23. What is sugar?

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Quiz on Health and Disease (General Science)

24. What does the body need in very small quantities?

25. What does deficiency of Vitamin C cause?

26. What falling on the skin causes the formation of Vitamin D?

27. Who need calcium most?

28. What does deficiency of phosphorous cause?

29. What does iron help to supply to the body?

30. What causes goitre?

31. What does tobacco contain?

32. What do gases in tobacco smoke damage?

33. What can chewing tobacco or gutkha cause?

34. Which system has harmful effects due to drinking alcohol?

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Quiz on Control and Co-ordination (General Science)

35. What is the continuous process of adjustment of body called?

36. To which nervous system the brain and the spinal cord belong?

37. To which nervous system the nerves belong?

38. Which nerves bring information to the central nervous system?

39. Which nerves carry commands given by the central nervous system?

40. Who has the most highly developed nervous system?

41. What are actions that take place without messages reaching the brain called?

42. Which system consists of various glands?

43. What do glands secrete?

44. When is the sex of the embryo decided?

45. When does an adolescent boy get a moustache and beard?

46. What are genetic factors called?

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Quiz on Food and Nutrition (General Science)

47. What are living things that make their own food called?

48. What are living things that depend on others for their food called?

49. What is a diet which has all constituents in the right proportions called?

50. What are necessary for bringing about the functions of enzymes?

51. Which living thing engulfs food particle from all sides?

52. What does a butterfly use to suck nectar from a flower?

53. What are a frog's food?

54. Through what does food pass through from mouth to stomach?

55. By which process green plants convert light energy into chemical energy?

56. What do green plants need to produce food?

57. By which process water enters cells through cell membrane?

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Quiz on Food and Protection of Food (General Science)

58. What are reduced to glucose during digestion?

59. Where is glycogen stored?

60. What do proteins contain?

61. What breaks up into glycerol and fatty acids during digestion?

62. What do fruits and leafy vegetables contain?

63. What does deficiency of Vitamin A cause?

64. Which vitamin's deficiency causes rickets?

65. What is done to grains to preserve them?

66. At what temperature micro-organisms cannot grow?

67. Which rays are used to prevent potatoes and onions from sprouting?

68. Which process prevents milk from getting spoilt?

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Quiz on Propagation of Sound (General Science)

69. What is needed for propagation of sound?

70. Through which medium sound travels fastest?

71. What is reflection of sound called?

72. From where is sound reflected?

73. What is the speed of sound?

74. What is struck in drums to produce sound?

75. How is sound produced in wind instruments?

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Quiz on Electric Charge (General Science)

76. Who was the Greek scientist to conduct an experiment on static electricity?

77. What is amber called in Greek?

78. Which English scientist conducted experiments on diamond, emerald etc.?

79. What develops when a glass rod is rubbed on silk cloth?

80. What develops when an ebonite rod is rubbed on woollen cloth?

81. Which device is used to identify electric charge?

82. What are minute particles with a negative charge called?

83. What are used to make electroscopes more sensitive?

84. What is the pointed shape of a lightning conductor made of?

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Quiz on Classification of Substances (General Science)

85. Which of the following is not a state of substance?

86. How many elements have scientists discovered?

87. What is the smallest particle of an element called?

88. Which of the following is a non-metal?

89. Which of the following is a metal?

90. What is the smallest particle of a compound called?

91. What is a mixture of proteins, fat and water?

92. What is an alloy of zinc and copper?

93. What is the symbol of silver?

94. Which element has the symbol W?

95. What is the molecular formula of sugar?

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