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Quizzes on Maharashtra Board Standard Six Geography Lessons.

Quiz on Sri Lanka (Geography)

1. What separates Indian mainland from Sri Lanka?

2. What is Sri Lanka called on account of its beautiful natural scenery?

3. Which water body lies to the east of Sri Lanka?

4. What from Sri Lanka are considered the best in the world?

5. Which is the biggest river in Sri Lanka?

6. Which is the main language of Sri Lanka?

7. What is the staple diet of the people in Sri Lanka?

8. Which is the administrative capital of Sri Lanka?

9. Which city in Sri Lanka has a huge statue of Buddha?

10. What is Talaimannar's important occupation?

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Quiz on Malaysia (Geography)

11. Which sea divides Malaysia in two parts?

12. Which country is to the north of west Malaysia?

13. East Malaysia is on which island?

14. Which country lies between Sarawak and Sabah provinces?

15. Which is the highest peak in Malaysia?

16. What is the average annual rainfall in Malaysia?

17. What is Malaysia foremost in exporting?

18. What is Malaysia foremost in production?

19. Which is the national language of Malaysia?

20. Which city is also called City of Gardens?

21. Which city is famous of tin industry?

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Quiz on Japan (Geography)

22. What is Japan called?

23. Which island is to the north of Japan?

24. Which ocean is to the east of Japan?

25. How high is Fujiyama Peak?

26. Which is the biggest freshwater lake in Japan?

27. Which is the largest island of Japan?

28. What is the art of making different things by folding paper called?

29. Which wrestling is popular in Japan?

30. Which is the main language of Japan?

31. Which of the following is a type of flower arrangement?

32. Which is the capital of Japan?

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Quiz on Israel (Geography)

33. When was the State of Israel established?

34. Which sea is to west of Israel?

35. Which is the highest region in Israel?

36. Which desert is in Israel?

37. What is the average annual rainfall in Israel?

38. Which farming in Israel is practised on Government land?

39. Which is the biggest freshwater lake in Israel?

40. Which is the main language of Israel?

41. In which city is the Hebrew International University?

42. Which city is situated on the slope of Mount Carmel?

43. Which is Israel's only port on the Gulf of Aqaba?

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Quiz on Saudi Arabia (Geography)

44. What is most of the area of Saudi Arabia?

45. Which sea is to west of Saudi Arabia?

46. Which country is to the south of Saudi Arabia?

47. Which of the following deserts is not in Saudi Arabia?

48. Which animal can travel without water for many days?

49. Which mineral is abundant in Saudi Arabia?

50. Which is the main language of Saudi Arabia?

51. People of which tribe live in rural areas of Saudi Arabia?

52. Which is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

53. Which city of Saudi Arabia is a port on the coast of Persian Gulf?

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Quiz on Asia : Physical (Geography)

54. Which is the highest peak in the world?

55. Which ocean is to the north of Asia?

56. Which mountain is to the north-east of Pamir?

57. Which is the highest plateau in the world?

58. Which desert is in India?

59. Which peninsula is in the north-east of Asia?

60. Which of the following rivers meets the Arctic Ocean?

61. Which of the following rivers meets the Pacific Ocean?

62. Which of the following rivers meets the Indian Ocean?

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Quiz on Asia : Resources (Geography)

63. On what industrial development of a nation is largely dependent?

64. Which mineral is found in almost all parts of Asia?

65. Where is loess soil found?

66. What is an essential resource for all living organisms?

67. What do forests help to maintain?

68. Which animals are found in Tundra region?

69. Which region has yak, sheep, goats, etc.?

70. Which is the most populated continent of the world?

71. Which of the following regions is less densely populated?

72. Which of the following regions has high density of population?

73. How much was the rainfall in Cherrapunji in 1860?

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Quiz on Natural Regions (Geography)

74. What are regions having a similar natural environment called?

75. Which region has rainfall all the year round?

76. Which region has rainfall in a particular season?

77. Which region has extreme heat and very scanty rainfall?

78. Which plants are found in Mediterranean region?

79. Which region has very short grass?

80. Which region has extreme variation in the winter and summer temperature?

81. Which region has plants with a short life-span?

82. Which region has temperature below freezing point throughout the year?

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Quiz on The World – An Introduction (Geography)

83. What is an extensive continuous body of saline water called?

84. How much of the earth's surface is occupied by water?

85. Which is the biggest ocean?

86. Which is the smallest ocean?

87. Which straight connects the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean?

88. What is an extensive and continuous portion of land called?

89. Which is the biggest continent?

90. Which peninsula joins Asia and Africa?

91. Which sea lies between Europe and Africa?

92. Which continent stretches in all the four hemispheres?

93. Which is the smallest continent?

94. Which continent has been discovered quite recently?

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