Quiz on Robin Hood Meets Friar Tuck (English)

1. Who knew the Friar Well?

2. What was the Friar eating?

3. What did the Friar take from Robin Hood?

4. Where did the Friar throw Robin Hood into the water?

5. How long did Robin Hood and the Friar fight?

6. What did Robin Hood blow?

7. Of what metal was the Friar's whistle?

8. How many dogs burst forth when the Friar blew the whistle?

9. Where had Will Scarlet joined Robin Hood's merry men?

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Quiz on The Little Literati (English)

10. Who was the English teacher of Std VI?

11. What literary club did the Students of Std VI start?

12. Who was the chief guest at the special meet of Little Literati?

13. Who was the class monitor of Std VI?

14. What was the title of Rumana Patel's poem?

15. What was the title of Sameer Yadav's poem?

16. What was the title of the skit?

17. Who said jokes?

18. What did Diana do?

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Quiz on An Autobiography (English)

19. Where was the leopard born?

20. Who taught the leopard all that was necessary for surviving?

21. What killed a brother of the leopard?

22. Who were coming towards the bush where the leopard was hiding?

23. What had the leopard's mother taught it about smells of other leopards?

24. What did the leopard stumble upon?

25. Who saw the leopard and started shouting?

26. How long did the leopard hide in the field?

27. What killed the cat?

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Quiz on Nasiruddin knows better! (English)

28. Who noticed Nasiruddin looking for something?

29. What had Nasiruddin lost?

30. Where was Nasiruddin looking for the ring?

31. Where did Nasiruddin's ring fall?

32. What illness did Nasiruddin's wife have?

33. What did Nasiruddin search first?

34. Who called Nasiruddin back when he had taken a couple of steps outside his house?

35. Whom did Nasiruddin wake up?

36. How many lectures did Nasiruddin announce he will give?

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Quiz on What is pink? (English)

37. What is pink?

38. What is red?

39. What is blue?

40. What is white?

41. What is yellow?

42. What is green?

43. What is between the grass?

44. What is violet?

45. What is orange?

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Quiz on Write a Story (English)

46. What was grazing quietly in a field?

47. What sat on the back of the goat?

48. What did the crow began to do to the goat?

49. Why the crow did not peck the dog?

50. What fell into a stream?

51. What did the dove drop?

52. What did the ant do with the leaf?

53. Who had aimed his gun at the dove?

54. What did the ant do to the hunter?

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Quiz on Don Quixote (English)

55. Where did Don Quixote live?

56. Around which year did Don Quixote live?

57. What name did Don Quixote give to his horse?

58. Who agreed to be Don Quixote's squire?

59. What did Sancho Panza ride?

60. What were Don Quixote's thirty monstrous giants?

61. What were Don Quixote's long arms of giants?

62. Which weapon of Don Quixote was broken into pieces?

63. Who was Don Quixote's imaginary enemy?

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Quiz on All about Communication! (English)

64. During which time communication must have been mostly oral?

65. What was used as ink?

66. Which bird was used to send letters?

67. What was the messenger service between important cities?

68. Who collects the letters from red box?

69. Which of the following services is discontinued?

70. Who made the presentation on modern means of communication?

71. What type of communication is on telephone?

72. What can also be used to send written messages?

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Quiz on Anak Krakatoa (English)

73. In which strait is Krakatoa?

74. Which volcanoes erupt regularly?

75. When was the worst eruption of Krakatoa?

76. How far was the loud boom heard?

77. How many villages and towns were destroyed due to the eruption and tsunamis?

78. What does Anak Krakatoa mean?

79. How much Anak Krakatoa grown since 1950?

80. What did a scientist who visited Krakatoa in 1884 find?

81. Which coast of Java was greatly affected by Krakatoa's eruption?

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