Quiz on A One Act Play (English)

1. What did Buddhisagar sell?

2. How many rupees did Fatehsingh give to Charnu?

3. What did Charnu buy?

4. How did Fatehsingh react when Charnu told him he had bought wisdom for 500 rupees?

5. Why did Fatehsingh sign a document that his son will not follow Buddhisagar's advice?

6. What did maids of Queen Roopa and Queen Tara want to buy?

7. Who witnessed the fight between maids?

8. What was the threat to Charnu from queens if he did not speak in their favour?

9. How many rupees did Fatehsingh pay to Buddhisagar for wisdom?

10. What did Charnu do before the King?

11. What did the King do to Buddhisagar?

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