Quiz on Acids, Bases and Salts (General Science)

1. Which of the following does not taste sour?

2. What do substances that taste sour contain?

3. What are substances like lime, soap, ash called?

4. What are substances used to find out if a substance is an acid or a base called?

5. What happens when litmus is added to an acid?

6. What happens when litmus is added to a base?

7. Which substances do not affect either red or blue litmus papers?

8. What are formed when metals are heated?

9. What are oxides of non-metals?

10. What are oxides of metals?

11. What are bases that dissolve in water called?

12. What is the chemical reaction that takes place between acids and bases called?

13. What is common salt?

14. Which acid does tamarind contain?

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