Quiz on Maharashtra before the Times of Shivaji Maharaj (History of Medieval India)

1. Who had entered the Khandesh region?

2. Who was the chief of the village?

3. Who helped the Patil in his work?

4. What was the headquarters of a pargana?

5. Who maintained the accounts of the peth?

6. How many villages were in Pune pargana?

7. Who was the chief of the Patils in a pargana?

8. Who was the chief of the Kulkarnis in a pargana?

9. When was a great famine in Maharashtra?

10. What did the Sants teach people?

11. Who composed Bhavartha Deepika?

12. Who has stated Bhagwat Dharma in detail and in a simple manner?

13. Who asked people to find God by showing love to the unhappy?

14. Who explained the importance of physical fitness?

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