Quiz on Resignation – I (English)

1. Who is a dumb animal?

2. What does Fateh Chand mean?

3. How many daughters did Lala Fateh Chand have?

4. How old was Lala Fateh Chand?

5. What was Lala Fateh Chand's wife's name?

6. Who came from office to call Lala Fateh Chand?

7. What did Sharda bring to Lala Fateh Chand to eat?

8. Where was the Sahib walking up and down?

9. What was the Sahib holding in his hand?

10. Who refused to pull Lala Fateh Chand's ears?

11. What did the Sahib want?

Originally posted 2015-11-25 14:05:30.