Quiz on Stars and Our Solar System (General Science)

1. What is meant by the 'rotation' of planets?

2. What is the special feature of Venus?

3. Why is Mars called the Red Planet?

4. Why planets do not collide into one another?

5. How many constellations are there?

6. How many constellations belong to the northern hemisphere sky?

7. How many constellations belong to the southern hemisphere sky?

8. How many moons Jupiter has?

9. Which was India's first artificial satellite?

10. What is helpful to forecast weather?

11. What is Morning Star?

12. What is the Great Bear?

13. What is IRS?

14. Where are asteroids found?

15. Which comet is seen once in 76 years?

16. What is the duration of the rotation of the moon?

17. When was Aryabhatta put into orbit?

18. Which heavenly body was considered the ninth planet till 2006?

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