Quiz on The Civil Disobedience Movement (History of Modern India)

1. Where in Gujarat did Gandhiji decide to launch salt satyagraha?

2. Which organization did Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan found?

3. Where in following places of Maharashtra did satyagrahas against forest laws take place?

4. Where did Babu Genu threw himself down in front of a truck and was crushed under it?

5. Where was a pact between Gandhiji and Dr. Ambedkar signed?

6. Where did Sarojini Naidu lead the satyagraha?

7. Who refused to open fire on satyagrahis at Peshawar?

8. Write the names of two women who took active part in Satyagraha.

9. What assurance did the Government give in the Gandhi-Irwin Pact?

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