Quiz on The Effects of the British Rule in India (History of Modern India)

1. Where did Robert Clive introduce the system of dual government in 1765?

2. Where did Kawasji Nanabhoy start the first textile mill in 1853?

3. Who passed an Act allowing widow-marriage in 1856?

4. Who were the pillars of the British administration in India?

5. What were the conditions for the payment of land revenue in the British rule?

6. Which industry did Jamshetji Tata start at Jamshedpur?

7. What is dual government?

8. What is the meaning of commercialization of agriculture?

9. Why did the industries in India close down?

10. What was Lord Cornwallis' reform?

11. What was Lord Bentinck's reform?

12. What was Lord Dalhousie's reform?


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