Quiz on The Expansion of the Maratha Power (History of Medieval India)

1. Who released Shahu Maharaj?

2. Where did the armies of Shahu Maharaj and Maharani Tarabai fight?

3. Where did Tarabai proclaim Shivaji II and Chhatrapati?

4. From where did Balaji Vishwanath hail?

5. When did Balaji Vishwanath obtain the grant to collect chauthai and sardeshmukhi?

6. Where did Bajirao I defeat the Nizam?

7. Which river was fixed as the border between the Satara and Kolhapur States?

8. Who defeated Chhatrasal?

9. What did Bajirao I demand from the Mughal Emperor?

10. Who laid siege to the Vasai Fort?

11. Where did Bajirao I die?

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