Quiz on The Maratha War of Independence (History of Medieval India)

1. Who came to the Deccan to take shelter with Sambhaji Maharaj?

2. When did Aurangzeb descend on the South?

3. Which Siddi fort did the Marathas batter with their artillery?

4. Which Portuguese fort did Sambhaji Maharaj attack?

5. Who captured Sambhaji Maharaj?

6. When was Sambhaji Maharaj put to death?

7. Who besieged Raigad?

8. Where did Rajaram Maharaj go?

9. Who were at the forefront on attacks on Mughals?

10. For nearly how many years did the Marathas defend the fort of Jinji?

11. Who succeeded Rajaram Maharaj?

12. Where did Aurangzeb die?

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