Quiz on The Non-co-operation Phase (History of Modern India)

1. Where did Gandhiji start his political career?

2. In which district did the peasants start a no-tax movement in 1918?

3. Which title conferred by the British did Rabindranath Tagore return?

4. What is the aim of Satyagraha?

5. Which resolution was passed in the Nagpur session of the Congress in 1920?

6. In addition to the non-co-operation movement, which other programme did Gandhiji undertake?

7. What was proposed in the Nehru Report?

8. Who formed the Swaraj Party?

9. Where was the Poorna Swaraj resolution passed in 1929?

10. Why was there discontent among the mill workers of Ahmedabad?

11. Why did Gandhiji suspend the non-co-operation movement?

12. Why did the Indians boycott the Simon Commission?

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