Quiz on The Rise of Regional Powers (History of Medieval India)

1. Who founded the Pala dynasty?

2. Who defeated Indrayudh?

3. Where did Nagabhatta defeat Dharmapal?

4. Who was the first powerful Rashtrakuta king?

5. When did Govind III ascend to the throne?

6. Who founded Malkhed?

7. Who conquered Tanjavur around AD 850?

8. Who defeated the Gangas, the Cheras and the Pandyas?

9. Who conquered Sri Lanka?

10. Who put an end to the Chola rule?

11. Who founded the Gahadwal dynasty?

12. Who was the most important and capable king of Parmar dynasty?

13. When did Prithviraj Chauhan III defeat Muhammad Ghuri?

14. Who was the most capable of Yadava rulers?

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