Quiz on The Sultanate of Delhi (History of Medieval India)

1. During whose regime did the construction of Qutubminar start?

2. Who recognized Iltutmish as a Sultan?

3. Who was the first and only woman ever to ascend the throne of Delhi?

4. Who was the famous poet and philosopher at Balban's court?

5. When did Alauddin Khalji become the Sultan of Delhi?

6. What did Muhammad Tughluq rename Deogiri?

7. Which coins did Muhammad Tughluq introduce?

8. Which department did Muhammad Tughluq start?

9. Who set up new towns like Firozpur, Jaunpur, Hissar and Firozabad?

10. Who succeeded the Tughluqs?

11. Who was the last Sultan?

12. When did the Sultanate of Delhi end?

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