Quiz on Volume (Mathematics)

1. The side of a cube is 2 m. Find its volume.

2. The side of a cube is 8 cm. Find its volume.

3. The side of a cube is 10 cm. Find its volume.

4. If every side of a room measures 4 m, how many cubic metres of air does it hold?

5. How many cubes of 2 cm side will be needed to make a cube with side 20 cm?

6. If the length of a matchbox is 5 cm, its breadth 3 cm, its height 1 cm, find its volume.

7. If a water tank is of length 5 m, breadth 3 m and height 1 m, what is its volume?

8. How many cubic centimetres is one cubic metre?

9. What is the volume of a storage bin if it is 2 m long, 1.2 m broad and 1.8 m high?

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