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Quiz on Resignation – II (English)

1. With what did Lala Fateh Chand say he beat the Sahib?

2. What according to Sharda is the biggest thing for a man to keep?

3. What did Lala Fateh Chand borrow from a friend?

4. What time did Lala Fateh Chand reach the bungalow?

5. What was the Sahib's reaction when he heard from Lala Fateh Chand?

6. What was the Sahib'a approach to Lala Fateh Chand?

7. What was the Sahib's excuse for pulling Lala Fateh Chand's ears?

8. How did the Sahib address Lala Fateh Chand?

9. Where did Lala Fateh Chand hit the Sahib?

10. What did Lala Fateh Chand sense when he walked back home?

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