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Quiz on Conflict with the Mughals (History of Medieval India)

1. Which fort did the Mughals capture?

2. Where did Shaistakhan set up his camp?

3. When did Shivaji Maharaj raid Lal Mahal?

4. Which city did Shivaji Maharaj attack?

5. Whom did Aurganzeb send to curb Shivaji Maharaj's activities?

6. Who died a hero's death defending the fort of Purandar?

7. Where did Shivaji Maharaj go to meet Aurangzeb?

8. When did Shivaji Maharaj reach Rajgad after escaping from Agra?

9. Who captured Trimbakgad?

10. Who crowned Shivaji Maharaj on 6 June 1674?

11. When did Shivaji Maharaj die?

12. Where did Shivaji Maharaj die?

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