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Quiz on Tanzania (Geography)

1. Which lake is to the north of Tanzania?

2. Which is the highest peak in Tanzania?

3. Which trees are in large number in Zanzibar Island?

4. Which animals are in large numbers in the Selous Game Reserve?

5. Where are diamonds found in Tanzania?

6. Which tribe mainly practises animal husbandry?

7. Which mills are found around Dar-es-Salaam?

8. To which side of Tanzania is Lake Tanganyika?

9. Where is the oldest and the largest university of Tanzania located?

10. What are the settlements of Maasai called?

11. Which is the capital of Tanzania?

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Quiz on South Africa (Geography)

12. Which ocean is to the west of South Africa?

13. Which country is surrounded by South Africa?

14. Which river is the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe?

15. Which is the capital of South Africa?

16. Which minerals are found near Kimberley town?

17. On which river are there hydroelectricity centres?

18. Which is the longest river in South Africa?

19. Which is the largest city in South Africa?

20. Which country is to the north of South Africa?

21. Which mountain range is to the east of Central Plateau of South Africa?

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Quiz on Egypt (Geography)

22. What is Egypt called in Arabic?

23. Which river divides Egypt into two distinct physiographic regions?

24. What is the height of Mount Kattrina?

25. Which sea is to the east of Egypt?

26. Which winds blow in the Nile Delta during summer?

27. Where are two major dams constructed?

28. Where are oil wells located?

29. Where are garment factories located?

30. Which is the chief means of transport in the deserts?

31. What is a sculpture with a human face and lion's body?

32. Which is the capital of Egypt?

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Quiz on The Continent of Africa (Geography)

33. Where does Africa stand in the world with respect to area?

34. Which is the longest hot desert in the world?

35. What is the height of Toubkal Peak?

36. Which is the largest lake in Africa?

37. Which is the highest peak in Africa?

38. Which of the following is not an Indian Ocean island?

39. Which river rises in Lake Victoria and terminates in the Mediterranean Sea?

40. Due to which dam river Zambezi has attained more importance?

41. What does Limpopo mean in the local language?

42. Where are large gold mines?

43. Where are diamond mines located?

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