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Quiz on Continent of South America (Geography)

1. Which ocean is to the east of South America?

2. Which strait separates the mainland of South America from the islands?

3. Which mountain range is located along the western coast of South America?

4. Which river has an extensive basin to the south of Guiana Plateau?

5. Which hot desert is located along the western coast of South America?

6. Which isthmus joins South America with North America?

7. Which warm current flows along the eastern coast of South America?

8. In which direction does the river Amazon flow?

9. Which ocean does the river Amazon meet?

10. Which of the following is not a tributary of the river Amazon?

11. In which mountains is the largest freshwater lake, the Titicaca, located?

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Quiz on United States of America (Geography)

12. Where does USA rank as a nation in terms of area?

13. Which river has Grand Canyon?

14. What are cyclones called in USA?

15. What is the mean annual rainfall in Rocky Mountain ranges?

16. Where are white bear and reindeer found?

17. Where is Yellowstone National Park located primarily?

18. Hollywood is known for what?

19. Silicon Valley is known for what?

20. Which institute carried out space research?

21. Which is the major language of USA?

22. Which is the capital of USA?

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Quiz on The Continent of North America (Geography)

23. Where does North America rank in the world with respect to area?

24. Which is the highest peak in North America?

25. Which region is between the Rocky mountains and Appalachian mountains?

26. Which islands are known for the game of cricket?

27. Which state is subject to frequent tropical cyclones?

28. Which river originates from Lake Ontario?

29. Where are black bucks, deer, musk rats found?

30. Where are fur coated animals found?

31. Which animal is found in prairies?

32. Where is silver found?

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