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Quiz on Union Government – The Executive and The Judiciary (Civics and Administration)

1. Who is the head of the Indian Union?

2. What is the President's term of office?

3. What is the minimum age to be a candidate for President?

4. Who can impeach the President?

5. Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the three Armed Forces?

6. Who is the head of the Council of Ministers?

7. Where is the Supreme Court located?

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Quiz on The State Government (Civics and Administration)

8. When did the State of Maharashtra come into being?

9. How many members are in Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha?

10. What is the duration of the Vidhan Sabha?

11. Who elect the Speaker?

12. Who carries out the work of the Speaker in his absence?

13. Where is the Winter Session of Maharashtra State Legislature held?

14. How many members are in Maharashtra Vidhan Parishad?

15. Who presides over the business of the Vidhan Parishad?

16. Who appoints the Governor?

17. Who runs the entire State administration?

18. Where of the following places the Bombay High Court does not have a bench?

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Quiz on Indian Democracy (Civics and Administration)

19. What are a remarkable feature of Indian Democracy?

20. Who is responsible for conducting elections in a fearless atmosphere?

21. How are political parties that operate in more than four States known?

22. What is essential for increasing participation of people in running a government?

23. What is extremely necessary for sustaining democracy?

24. What means abusing religion for political gains?

25. What is given rise to when violence is used to attain political objectives?

26. What is the narrow-minded attitude of thinking only in terms of one's own region?

27. What is the biggest challenge before Indian democracy?

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Quiz on Union Government – The Legislature (Civics and Administration)

28. What is India?

29. How many States are in India?

30. How many Union Territories are in India?

31. Which list has subjects where Union and State Governments can both make laws?

32. What is the legislature of the Union Government called?

33. What is the maximum membership of the House of the People?

34. What is the minimum age to be a candidate for Lok Sabha?

35. What is the membership of the Council of States?

36. What is the minimum age to be a candidate for Rajya Sabha?

37. How many members of Rajya Sabha retire every two years?

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Quiz on Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens (Civics and Administration)

38. How are citizens' rights which are included in the Constitution known?

39. Which right ensures government cannot discriminate against citizens?

40. How many freedoms are in the Right to Freedom?

41. Which right forbids child labour?

42. Who have the right to establish separate educational institutions?

43. Which right makes it impossible for the government to take away Fundamental Rights?

44. When were ten Fundamental Duties included in the Constitution?

45. When was the 11th Fundamental Duty included in the Constitution?

46. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

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Quiz on Directive Principles of the Constitution (Civics and Administration)

47. In how many categories can Directive Principles be broadly classified?

48. What is the purpose of Directive Principles regarding Government Policies?

49. What has been set up to ensure rural development?

50. Which Directive Principle covers water management?

51. What can be closed down in a village if women so demand?

52. Which industries get financial assistance from the Government?

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Quiz on The Constitution of India (Civics and Administration)

53. What is meant by 'Constitution'?

54. What guarantees the rights of citizens?

55. What strengthens running a country according to a constitution?

56. How many members did the Constituent Assembly consist of?

57. When was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly?

58. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly?

59. Who was the legal advisor to the Constituent Assembly?

60. Who was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee?

61. When did the Constituent Assembly adopt the Constitution?

62. When did the Constitution come into force?

63. What values have been accepted by the Constitution?

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Quiz on Preamble to the Constitution (Civics and Administration)

64. How is the introductory statement to the Constitution known?

65. How does the Preamble begin?

66. How does the Preamble end?

67. What is the age for the right to vote?

68. Which objective implies bridging the gap between the rich and the poor?

69. What does not recognizing any religion of the country mean?

70. What is needed to remove inequality?

71. What gives the citizens opportunity to develop themselves?

72. Which principle forbids State from discrimination against individuals?

73. What indicates love and respect for all without discrimination?

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