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Quiz on The Continent of Australia (Geography)

1. Which is the highest peak in Australia?

2. What passes through roughly the centre of Australia?

3. Which is a distinctive animal that has a pouch?

4. Which reef of coral rocks that runs parallel to the Queensland coast?

5. Of which trees does Australia have a large number of species?

6. Which is the national bird of Australia?

7. Which is the special characteristic of the platypus and echidna?

8. Which river is the tributary of the Murray?

9. Which of following deserts is not in Australia?

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Quiz on The Continent of Europe (Geography)

10. Which mountains are in the southeast of Europe?

11. Which is the highest peak in Europe?

12. Where is the distance between the continents of Europe and Africa the least?

13. Which rivers flow in the Gulf of Bothnia near the Scandinavian Peninsula?

14. Which sea in Europe has maximum reserves of oil and natural gas?

15. Name any two rivers flowing through the North European Plains.

16. Which mountains separate France from Spain?

17. Which of the following countries in Europe is not a landlocked country?

18. Which river basin lies between the Alps and the Apennine mountains?

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Quiz on The Continent of Antarctica (Geography)

19. Which is the highest peak in the continent of Antarctica?

20. How does the continent of Antarctica rank in terms of area?

21. When did the first batch of Indian scientist reach Antarctica?

22. Which plateau is situated on the Antarctic Peninsula?

23. What do whales feed on?

24. Which is the first research station established by India on Antarctica?

25. Why minerals extraction is not permitted in Antarctica?

26. Why is Antarctica covered under ice all the year round?

27. Why was this continent named 'Antarctica'?

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Quiz on Agents of Erosion – 2 (Geography)

28. Which landform is seen in the areas of limestone?

29. Which beach at Chennai is the longest beach in India?

30. What are landforms developed in limestone areas also called?

31. What is a beach?

32. Which of the following is a lagoon?

33. What is a near-vertical slope formed due to attack of sea waves called?

34. Which of the following places has sand bars?

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Quiz on Weathering and Soils (Geography)

35. What is disintegration and decomposition of rocks called?

36. What type of weathering is decomposition of minerals in a rock?

37. What is the weathering causing formation of sheets in a rock called?

38. What is the uppermost layer of earth's surface containing biotic material called?

39. Which soils are immature soils?

40. What type of soil is Tundra soil?

41. Which soils are found in Kashmir Valley?

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Quiz on Agents of Erosion – 1 (Geography)

42. What is wearing of the rocks called?

43. What has steep banks and a narrow bed?

44. Which river has Gersoppa falls?

45. What is each loop along the meandering path of a river called?

46. Which lakes are formed during floods?

47. What is the formation of plain in the shape of a triangle called?

48. What is the flow of ice moving in the direction of a slope called?

49. What is the load transported by glaciers called?

50. What is barchan?

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Quiz on Rapid Earth Movements (Geography)

51. What measures the magnitude of earthquake on Richter's scale?

52. How may types of earthquake waves are there?

53. Which earthquakes waves are the most destructive?

54. How may major plates are on the earth?

55. What are the vast portions of land that appear over the sea level called?

56. What is a volcano called if lava is released through a vent?

57. How is lava released in a fissure volcano?

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Quiz on Rocks and Rock Types (Geography)

58. What are the rocks formed through solidification of lava and magma called?

59. How are igneous rocks also known?

60. Which rocks contain fossils?

61. What is the portion from earth surface up to a depth of 100 km called?

62. What is the metamorphic rock of limestone?

63. Of which sedimentary rock is diamond a metamorphic rock?

64. What is the metamorphic rock of sandstone?

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Quiz on Interior of the Earth (Geography)

65. What is the outermost solid layer of the earth called?

66. What is the upper portion of the crust called?

67. What is the layer below sial called?

68. What is the layer below the crust called?

69. What is the magma called when it reaches the surface through volcanic activity?

70. How thick is the core?

71. What is the inner core called?

72. What is the temperature at the centre of the earth?

73. Which waves of earthquake can travel through all layers of interior?

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