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Quiz on The King and the Golden River Part II (English)

1. What did the wicked brothers sell?

2. Who came out when Gluck took hold of the crucible and tilted it to pour the gold?

3. Who was caught and put in prison?

4. What did Hans steal from the church?

5. What did Hans do to the puppy?

6. What happened to Hans when he threw the flask of the holy water into the river?

7. What did Schwartz do when he saw Hans asking for water?

8. Who stood in the dog's place when Gluck poured some drops in its mouth?

9. What happened when Gluck threw the bottle into the river?

Quiz on The King and the Golden River Part I (English)

10. What did the people call the very high waterfall?

11. What did the people call the valley?

12. What did the people call Schwartz and Hans?

13. How many years old was Gluck?

14. What warning did the two brothers give to Gluck?

15. What cap did the strange visitor wear?

16. How many days the strange visitor had not eaten?

17. What did Schwartz throw at Gluck?

18. What was written on the white card?

Quiz on The Noble Monkey (English)

19. On the banks of which river was a tall shady mango tree?

20. Where did a fisherman find the mango that fell into a river?

21. To whom did the fisherman present the mango?

22. What sailed up the river carrying the courtiers and the King?

23. What did the King's men send to kill the monkeys and to scare them away for good?

24. What did the monkey king catch hold of with his legs?

25. What did the monkey king make across the river with his body?

26. Who was touched by the bravery and sacrifice of the monkey king?

27. Where did the King's men place the monkey king?

Quiz on Androcles and the Lion (English)

28. What was Androcles?

29. Where did Androcles take shelter?

30. What was Androcles' first reaction when he saw a lion?

31. What had pierced one of the lion's toes?

32. Who were sent in all directions to capture Androcles?

33. Where did the soldiers put Androcles?

34. Where was Androcles brought?

35. Who ordered that Androcles should be set free?

36. What other reward did Androcles want?

Quiz on The Dreadful Guest (English)

37. Who decided to hold a grand feast?

38. Where did the king and his guests sit together?

39. What burst into the hall?

40. What were the dragon's teeth like?

41. What were the dragon's claws like?

42. Who was not afraid of dragons?

43. Who did not want Ivan to fight the dragon?

44. What did Ivan know the dragons were not?

45. With what did Ivan cut off the dragon's head?

Quiz on The Laughing King (English)

46. Where was King Leonard taking a walk?

47. Who fell into the puddle?

48. What was Grieselda?

49. Who had baked special cakes for King Leonard?

50. What did King Leonard drop?

51. Who cut her finger while collecting the pieces?

52. Who came with a complaint to King Leonard?

53. Who requested Witch Grieselda to free King Leonard the spell?

54. What was King Leonard's promise to Witch Griselda?

Quiz on Computers (English)

55. What type of calculations involve very large numbers?

56. Which machine is an answer to calculation problems?

57. What do computers have?

58. What can computers process?

59. What is a set of code instructions written for a computer known as?

60. What does a computer not make about the instructions given to it?

61. How does the computer follow the instructions?

62. What must instructions to computers must cover in an operation?

63. Who do the difficult job of making computers smart enough?

Quiz on All about Glass (English)

64. From what is glass made?

65. What does brittle mean?

66. How is very hot glass?

67. What does not allow water and other liquids to pass through mean?

68. What surface ordinary glass has?

69. What is possible to produce by using different chemicals in glass making process?

70. Where are stained glass windows mostly seen?

71. How much glass is recyclable?

72. How much energy to power a colour TV you save if you recycle a single glass bottle?

Quiz on The Ugly Duckling (English)

73. How many ducklings were soft, fluffy and yellow?

74. Which duckling was very different?

75. Where did the six ducklings go for a swim everyday?

76. Who was the ugly duckling's only friend?

77. Where did the ugly duckling make his way?

78. What did the others do to the ugly duckling?

79. Who broke the snow and saved the ugly duckling?

80. How many beautiful white swans came from a thicket?

81. What image did the ugly duckling see in the clear stream?

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