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Quiz on A Prayer (English)

1. Where is the Lord asked to strike?

2. What should be lightly borne?

3. What should be fruitful in service?

4. Who should never be disowned?

5. What should not bend before insolent might?

6. Above what should the mind raise?

7. What does the poet want to surrender his strength to Lord's will with love?

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Quiz on Resignation – II (English)

8. With what did Lala Fateh Chand say he beat the Sahib?

9. What according to Sharda is the biggest thing for a man to keep?

10. What did Lala Fateh Chand borrow from a friend?

11. What time did Lala Fateh Chand reach the bungalow?

12. What was the Sahib's reaction when he heard from Lala Fateh Chand?

13. What was the Sahib'a approach to Lala Fateh Chand?

14. What was the Sahib's excuse for pulling Lala Fateh Chand's ears?

15. How did the Sahib address Lala Fateh Chand?

16. Where did Lala Fateh Chand hit the Sahib?

17. What did Lala Fateh Chand sense when he walked back home?

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Quiz on O Captain! My Captain! (English)

18. Who is the narrator of this poem in your opinion?

19. Who does he address directly in the poem?

20. What else does he address directly?

21. Why are the people so jubilant?

22. Why is the narrator sad?

23. What signs convince the narrator that his captain is dead?

24. What trying situation, do you feel, the victor ship has returned from?

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Quiz on Resignation – I (English)

25. Who is a dumb animal?

26. What does Fateh Chand mean?

27. How many daughters did Lala Fateh Chand have?

28. How old was Lala Fateh Chand?

29. What was Lala Fateh Chand's wife's name?

30. Who came from office to call Lala Fateh Chand?

31. What did Sharda bring to Lala Fateh Chand to eat?

32. Where was the Sahib walking up and down?

33. What was the Sahib holding in his hand?

34. Who refused to pull Lala Fateh Chand's ears?

35. What did the Sahib want?

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Quiz on The Gorgon’s Head – I (English)

36. Who was Danae's son?

37. Who reigned over Seriphus?

38. How many Gorgons were there?

39. How many snakes each Gorgon had on her head?

40. What were the teeth of Gorgons?

41. What were the hands of Gorgons made of?

42. What happened to anyone who saw the face of a Gorgon?

43. Whose head did Polydectes ask Perseus to bring?

44. Who came to help Perseus?

45. What did Perseus polish?

46. How many eyes the three Gray Sisters had amongst themselves?

47. Who gave the magic wallet, winged slippers and the invisible helmet to Perseus?

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Quiz on The Gorgon’s Head – II (English)

48. What flew against invisible Perseus?

49. What, at a distance, looked like made of fleecy silver?

50. What did Perseus use to see the reflection of Medusa's face?

51. Where did Perseus put Medusa's head?

52. Why the Gorgons could not see Perseus?

53. Where had Danae taken refuge?

54. Who was not rejoiced to see Perseus?

55. What did the courtiers call Perseus when he did not show them Medusa's head?

56. What happened to Polydectes and others when they saw the face of Medusa?

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Quiz on Oliver Twist (English)

57. Who took Oliver Twist to the appear before the board?

58. What was Oliver Twist's reaction when he saw the gentlemen?

59. What work was assigned to Oliver Twist?

60. How much gruel did the boys have per meal on ordinary days?

61. How long Oliver Twist and other boys suffered slow starvation?

62. Why did the boys hold a council?

63. What did Oliver Twist say to the master?

64. What was the reaction of the board when they heard of Oliver Twist's demand?

65. What was the reward to anyone who took Oliver Twist?

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Quiz on I Saw (English)

66. What was all on fire?

67. What bowed to a squire?

68. How high was the parson?

69. What was near the sky?

70. What was the balloon made of?

71. What dropped down dead?

72. What ran a race?

73. Who were making lace?

74. Who was just like a cat?

75. What did a kitten wear?

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Quiz on Inspiring News (English)

76. When was the National Bravery Award Scheme initiated?

77. Who initiated the National Bravery Award Scheme?

78. From which village was Asu Kanwar?

79. How old was Asu?

80. Who came to Asu's rescue?

81. When did Kirti, Preeti and Gulsafa fall into the river?

82. Who saved Kirti, Preeti and Gulsafa?

83. Where did Kritika Jhanwar study?

84. How many burglars entered Kritika's room?

85. With what did Kritika fight the burglars?

86. How many burglars were caught immediately?

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