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Quiz on Air Temperature (Geography)

1. What is the instrument for measuring the extent of heat called?

2. How do the rays generally fall in the equatorial region?

3. What happens to air temperature in the troposphere as we go higher from sea-level?

4. Where is the day temperature low and night temperature high?

5. How is the climate around large water bodies usually?

6. How are currents flowing from the equator to the poles?

7. What is a line joining the places on the map having the same temperature called?

8. What is the maximum value of the isotherm?

9. In which zone the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold?

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Quiz on Seasons (Geography)

10. What is a particular period of a year having a specific climate?

11. What is the period from 22nd December to 21st June called?

12. What is 22nd March called in the northern hemisphere?

13. Where is the midday sun exactly overhead on 21st June?

14. Which is the longest day in northern hemisphere?

15. Where does the sun continuously appear from 22nd March to 23rd September?

16. Where is the midday sun exactly overhead on 22nd December?

17. Which is the longest day in southern hemisphere?

18. What is 22nd December known as in the northern hemisphere?

19. Where day and night are of equal duration throughout the year?

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Quiz on Local Time and International Date Line (Geography)

20. What is the longitude of New Orleans?

21. What is the longitude of Accra?

22. What is the longitude of Patna?

23. How many minutes the earth takes to turn through one degree?

24. How many hours the earth takes to rotate around itself?

25. What is the time at 0° longitude called?

26. What is the difference between the local time on two longitudes at a distance of 15°?

27. It is 12 noon at Greenwich. What is the time at 45° E?

28. The International Date Line is determined with reference to which longitude?

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Quiz on Motions of the Earth and their Effects(Geography)

29. What forms due to rotation?

30. What is the earth's motion around its axis called?

31. What is the earth's spinning motion called?

32. What is the path when the earth goes around the sun is known as?

33. What is the motion of going round on orbit is called?

34. What is the path of revolution?

35. How many centres an ellipse has?

36. What is the earth's nearest position to the sun?

37. What is the earth's farthest position to the sun?

38. What is the time that the earth takes to revolve around the sun is called?

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Quiz on The Solar System (Geography)

39. What is the head the Solar System?

40. What is a satellite of the earth?

41. What are the tiny celestial bodies between Mars and Jupiter?

42. Which of the following is not an inner planet?

43. Which of the following is not an outer planet?

44. Which planet is nearest to the sun?

45. Which is the brightest planet seen in the sky?

46. Which planet rotates from east to west?

47. Which is the biggest planet in the solar system?

48. What is the colour of Neptune?

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Quiz on Sri Lanka (Geography)

49. What separates Indian mainland from Sri Lanka?

50. What is Sri Lanka called on account of its beautiful natural scenery?

51. Which water body lies to the east of Sri Lanka?

52. What from Sri Lanka are considered the best in the world?

53. Which is the biggest river in Sri Lanka?

54. Which is the main language of Sri Lanka?

55. What is the staple diet of the people in Sri Lanka?

56. Which is the administrative capital of Sri Lanka?

57. Which city in Sri Lanka has a huge statue of Buddha?

58. What is Talaimannar's important occupation?

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Quiz on Malaysia (Geography)

59. Which sea divides Malaysia in two parts?

60. Which country is to the north of west Malaysia?

61. East Malaysia is on which island?

62. Which country lies between Sarawak and Sabah provinces?

63. Which is the highest peak in Malaysia?

64. What is the average annual rainfall in Malaysia?

65. What is Malaysia foremost in exporting?

66. What is Malaysia foremost in production?

67. Which is the national language of Malaysia?

68. Which city is also called City of Gardens?

69. Which city is famous of tin industry?

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Quiz on Japan (Geography)

70. What is Japan called?

71. Which island is to the north of Japan?

72. Which ocean is to the east of Japan?

73. How high is Fujiyama Peak?

74. Which is the biggest freshwater lake in Japan?

75. Which is the largest island of Japan?

76. What is the art of making different things by folding paper called?

77. Which wrestling is popular in Japan?

78. Which is the main language of Japan?

79. Which of the following is a type of flower arrangement?

80. Which is the capital of Japan?

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Quiz on Saudi Arabia (Geography)

81. What is most of the area of Saudi Arabia?

82. Which sea is to west of Saudi Arabia?

83. Which country is to the south of Saudi Arabia?

84. Which of the following deserts is not in Saudi Arabia?

85. Which animal can travel without water for many days?

86. Which mineral is abundant in Saudi Arabia?

87. Which is the main language of Saudi Arabia?

88. People of which tribe live in rural areas of Saudi Arabia?

89. Which is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

90. Which city of Saudi Arabia is a port on the coast of Persian Gulf?

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