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Quiz on Rangoli (English)

1. What does rang mean?

2. What does aawali mean?

3. What is the most interesting feature of Rangoli?

4. In which festival Rangoli occupies a special place?

5. How is Rangoli known in Uttar Pradesh?

6. How is Rangoli known in Rajasthan?

7. How is Rangoli known in Andhra Pradesh?

8. How is Rangoli known in Bengal?

9. How is Rangoli known in Bihar?

Quiz on Helen Keller (English)

10. When was Helen Keller born?

11. At what age did Helen Keller become terribly ill and nearly die?

12. Who came to teach and look after Helen Keller?

13. What method Anne Sullivan had learnt at a school for blind people?

14. What did Helen Keller spell touching her little sister?

15. What books Helen Keller began to read?

16. Where did Helen Keller put her fingers to listen to people?

17. Which college did Helen Keller enter?

18. When did Helen Keller pass away?

Quiz on Be a Netizen (English)

19. What is like an ocean of information?

20. What do thousands of websites on the net together form?

21. What are you when your computer is connected to the internet?

22. What are you when your computer is not connected to the internet?

23. What do you do to the information on internet you want to read or use later?

24. What do you need to display information on the net?

25. What is the system of sending and receiving messages on computers known as?

26. What is a secret word or group of letters and/or numbers?

27. Who are people who use the net?

Quiz on All about Money (English)

28. What we all need to buy things?

29. What do they use in the United States?

30. What do they use in England?

31. What is exchanging one thing for another known as?

32. What was easier to carry around?

33. Where was paper money first used?

34. About how many years ago was paper money first used?

35. Who prints the notes?

36. What people have to do to earn money?

Quiz on The Legend of Marathon (English)

37. Near which town the large army of Persia had landed?

38. Which city state in Greece was the target of Persia?

39. Who served as a 'day-long runner'?

40. Which kingdom did not help Athens?

41. What did the Athenian Generals do to the Persians?

42. What did the Persians decide?

43. What was necessary to let the people of Athens know?

44. How much Pheidippides had to run from Marathon to Athens?

45. What happened to Pheidippides after he delivered the good news to Athens?

Quiz on Water in the Well (English)

46. What does a farmer need most for his fields?

47. Who had his eye on a well that was just outside the boundary of his field?

48. Who owned the well?

49. What did Ahmad suggest to Kasim?

50. What did Kasim dug out?

51. What did Ahmad say he had not sold?

52. To whom did Kasim go?

53. What did the Qazi say Ahmad should pay to Kasim for keeping his water in the well?

54. What type of man was Kasim?

Quiz on The George’s Secret Key to the Universe (English)

55. What was George's Dad?

56. What do George's parents use instead of a car?

57. What do George's parents use to light the house?

58. Who is George's new friend and next door neighbour?

59. What is Eric?

60. What is Eric's computer named?

61. Who is the author of the novel 'George's Secret Key to the Universe'?

62. Who has presented the information about the universe in the novel?

63. Who has drawn the sketches in the book?

Quiz on The Journey to the Great Oz (English)

64. How long the travellers had been walking?

65. What were at the bottom of the ditch?

66. Who first sat upon the Lion?

67. How did the forest look?

68. What was Toto?

69. What were beasts with bodies like bears and heads like tigers?

70. Who suggested chopping the great tree?

71. How many Kalidahs followed Dorothy and others?

72. What was the road made of?

Quiz on Weeds in the Garden (English)

73. What do most parents like to fulfil?

74. Who was developing some bad habits?

75. What did Anshuman's parents do?

76. Where did Anshuman go to stay?

77. Who took Anshuman for a walk around the farm?

78. What did Anshuman pull out with no difficulty?

79. How did Anshuman pull out the slightly bigger weed?

80. What was Anshuman's experience with a big plant?

81. What are like weeds?

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