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Quiz on The Tempest (English)

1. In which kingdom was the dukedom of Milan?

2. Who wanted to become Duke of Milan in Prospero's place?

3. Who was Prospero's true and loyal courtier?

4. Who had imprisoned all the good spirits on the island?

5. Who begged Prospero to have pity on the people caught in the storm?

6. What did Prospero accuse Ferdinand of?

7. Who woke up Alonso when Antonio and Sebastian were about to kill him?

8. What were Ferdinand and Miranda playing when Alonso saw them?

9. What did Prospero break when he returned to Milan?

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Quiz on Evening (English)

10. Which stars are in the sky?

11. What is wet?

12. What fly through the air?

13. Who have now laid down to sleep?

14. Who have long since sought their nests?

15. What is still?

16. What rests on the hillside?

17. Of what I have no fear?

18. What does God keep all night?

19. Where does God hold all things?

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Quiz on Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands Giving Thanks (English)

20. Who is the principal of New Vision High School?

21. When did the students visit Home for the Aged?

22. How was the visit?

23. How did the children carry out the tasks?

24. What sessions did the residents enjoy?

25. How often residents want students to visit them?

26. What did the students brighten up for the residents?

27. Who really lightened some of the work of residents?

28. Who appreciated the good work the school is doing under S.E.H.H.?

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Quiz on Wikipedia (English)

29. What is a book which contains information about almost everything?

30. What does Wiki mean?

31. Who is one of the creators of Wikipedia?

32. What are all writers of Wikipedia?

33. In how many languages Wikipedia has editions?

34. More than how many articles are in English Language edition of Wikipedia?

35. What is a problem for Wikipedia?

36. What you can send to Wikipedia?

37. Due to what Wikipedia will get bigger and better?

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Quiz on The Last Leaf (English)

38. What were Sue and Joanna?

39. What did Sue and Joanna set up?

40. Joanna became ill with what?

41. What did Johnsy count?

42. What did Johnsy think will happen when the last leaf falls?

43. How many years Behrman had yielded the brush?

44. What was Johnsy doing when Sue and Behrman went upstairs?

45. What did Johnsy want to paint after her recovery?

46. Where did Behrman die of pneumonia?

47. What was Behrman's masterpiece?

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Quiz on Seeing Eyes, Helping Hands Making a Complaint (English)

48. To which department did the students make a complaint?

49. What was the reason for water wastage?

50. For how many days was the water wastage?

51. What are formed due to water wastage?

52. What does water wastage make the whole area?

53. What have begun to breed?

54. Who almost slipped and fell?

55. The students of which standard did make a complaint?

56. Where is New Vision High School?

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Quiz on Activity: Write a Play – The Play (English)

57. What was the wife doing?

58. What the farmer cannot afford?

59. What did the wise man tell the farmer to bring into the house on the first day?

60. What were the chickens doing all night?

61. On which day did the wise man tell the farmer to bring the two dogs into the house?

62. What did the wise man tell the farmer to bring into the house on the third day?

63. What was the goat doing all night?

64. On which day was the cow brought into the house?

65. What did the farmer feel when all animals were out of the house?

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Quiz on On the Garden-wall (English)

66. What was the colour of grass in the garden?

67. Which trees grew in the garden?

68. The sand was as white as what?

69. What was marble like?

70. Who were the pages?

71. How were the pages made of?

72. What were the inner wings of the pages?

73. Above what did the fairy-prince and pages ride?

74. What was the white-walled garden?

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Quiz on How the Camel Got his Hump (English)

75. Where did the Camel live?

76. What did the Camel say when anybody spoke to him?

77. Who asked the Camel to trot?

78. Who asked the Camel to fetch and carry?

79. Who asked the Camel to plough?

80. Who told the Horse and the Dog and the Ox to work double-time?

81. Who came along in a cloud of dust?

82. Where was the Camel looking at his own reflection?

83. How many days can the Camel work without eating?

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