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Quiz on The Third Battle of Panipat (History of Medieval India)

1. Who invited the Marathas to subdue the Rohillas?

2. When did Ahmadshah Abdali conquer the Punjab?

3. Which was the seat of Jat power?

4. Where did the Marathas intervene in a conflict?

5. When did the Marathas conquer Attock?

6. Where did Dattaji Shinde and Ahmadshah Abdali fight?

7. When was the Third Battle of Panipat?

8. Where did Madhavrao defeat the Nizam?

9. Where did Madhavrao defeat Haider Ali?

10. Whom did the Marathas restore to the throne of Delhi?

11. When did Madhavrao die?

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Quiz on The Pillars of the Maratha Power (History of Medieval India)

12. Who was the founder of the Holkar rule at Indore?

13. Who succeeded Malharrao?

14. Who was the most capable among the Bhosales of Nagpur?

15. On whom did the Mughal Emperor confer the title Nayab Vakil-i-Malik?

16. Where did Mahadaji Shinde die?

17. Who conquered the Ahmadabad fort?

18. Which city did the Gaikwads make their seat of power?

19. Who was the famous administrator of the Peshwas?

20. When did the Maratha rule come to an end?

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Quiz on The Maratha War of Independence (History of Medieval India)

21. Who came to the Deccan to take shelter with Sambhaji Maharaj?

22. When did Aurangzeb descend on the South?

23. Which Siddi fort did the Marathas batter with their artillery?

24. Which Portuguese fort did Sambhaji Maharaj attack?

25. Who captured Sambhaji Maharaj?

26. When was Sambhaji Maharaj put to death?

27. Who besieged Raigad?

28. Where did Rajaram Maharaj go?

29. Who were at the forefront on attacks on Mughals?

30. For nearly how many years did the Marathas defend the fort of Jinji?

31. Who succeeded Rajaram Maharaj?

32. Where did Aurangzeb die?

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Quiz on The Expansion of the Maratha Power (History of Medieval India)

33. Who released Shahu Maharaj?

34. Where did the armies of Shahu Maharaj and Maharani Tarabai fight?

35. Where did Tarabai proclaim Shivaji II and Chhatrapati?

36. From where did Balaji Vishwanath hail?

37. When did Balaji Vishwanath obtain the grant to collect chauthai and sardeshmukhi?

38. Where did Bajirao I defeat the Nizam?

39. Which river was fixed as the border between the Satara and Kolhapur States?

40. Who defeated Chhatrasal?

41. What did Bajirao I demand from the Mughal Emperor?

42. Who laid siege to the Vasai Fort?

43. Where did Bajirao I die?

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Quiz on The Administration of the Swaraj (History of Medieval India)

44. How many ministers were in Shivaji's council?

45. Who was the Prime Minister?

46. Who prepared the royal edicts?

47. What was the backbone of the rural economy?

48. Which industry did Shivaji Maharaj protect in Konkan?

49. Who commanded five naiks?

50. Who was provided with a horse and weapons by the State?

51. Where did Shivaji Maharaj build a sea-fort at Malwan?

52. Which sea-fort was built in front of Rajapuri?

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Quiz on A People’s King (History of Medieval India)

53. What did Shivaji Maharaj turn the Swaraj into?

54. Who killed Sayyid Bada?

55. Who sacrificed his life while conquering Sinhagad?

56. Whom did Shivaji Maharaj protect during enemy invasions?

57. How did Shivaji Maharaj pay the salaries of soldiers?

58. Who was an important officer in the navy of the Swaraj?

59. Who has written about Shivaji Maharaj's tolerant religious policy?

60. Whom did Shivaji Maharaj inspire to create an independent kingdom?

61. Who has written a book about Shivaji Maharaj's greatness?

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Quiz on The Foundation of the Swaraj (History of Medieval India)

62. Where was Shivaji Maharaj born?

63. When was Shivaji Maharaj born?

64. When did the Nizamshahi come to and end?

65. Where did Shivaji Maharaj start the work of founding the Swaraj?

66. Which fort did Shivaji Maharaj rename Rajgad?

67. Who was the Sardar of Javali?

68. Which fort did Shivaji Maharaj build in the Javali Valley?

69. When did Shivaji Maharaj kill Afzalkhan?

70. Which fort did Shivaji Maharaj rename Vishalgad?

71. Who laid siege to the Panhala fort?

72. Who checked Siddi's army at the Ghod pass?

73. Who invaded the Pune province?

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Quiz on Conflict with the Mughals (History of Medieval India)

74. Which fort did the Mughals capture?

75. Where did Shaistakhan set up his camp?

76. When did Shivaji Maharaj raid Lal Mahal?

77. Which city did Shivaji Maharaj attack?

78. Whom did Aurganzeb send to curb Shivaji Maharaj's activities?

79. Who died a hero's death defending the fort of Purandar?

80. Where did Shivaji Maharaj go to meet Aurangzeb?

81. When did Shivaji Maharaj reach Rajgad after escaping from Agra?

82. Who captured Trimbakgad?

83. Who crowned Shivaji Maharaj on 6 June 1674?

84. When did Shivaji Maharaj die?

85. Where did Shivaji Maharaj die?

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Quiz on Social Life during the Mughal Period (History of Medieval India)

86. What did the Mughal rulers encourage?

87. Which provinces were particularly known for their textile production?

88. What was a gold coin called?

89. What was a copper coin called?

90. To which economical class did the members of the royal family belong?

91. Where did the Hindus have higher education?

92. Who founded Fatehpur Sikri?

93. Who built the Tajmahal?

94. Who wrote Humayun Nama?

95. Who wrote Akbar Nama?

96. Who wrote Padmavat?

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