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Quiz on The Merchant of Venice (English)

1. Where did Antonio live?

2. Who was Antonio's best friend?

3. Whom did Bassanio want to marry?

4. Where did Portia live?

5. What was Shylock?

6. Which casket did Bassanio choose?

7. What did Shylock demand from Antonio?

8. Who was sorry for Antonio?

9. What did the young lawyer say Shylock should not shed?

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Quiz on Ship-building and Navigation (English)

10. Who stood looking at the silhouette of his ship?

11. Who was on his first voyage?

12. How many voyages old was Subahu?

13. From what the ship was built?

14. What show way at sea?

15. What always points north?

16. With which of the following countries Indians did not carry on trade?

17. Where are goods loaded on to a ship or are taken down?

18. Which dock is believed to be the world's earliest?

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Quiz on Beware of Superstition (English)

19. What crossing their path makes many people turn around, go back and start over again?

20. Where we need to look carefully to see if there is a silly belief hiding in some corner?

21. With what one has to catch silly belief?

22. What is a silly belief that doing or not doing something causes bad luck or good luck?

23. In which country people believer it is unlucky to shoot a seabird that follows a boat?

24. Which bird is considered ill omen by some and wise bird by some others?

25. What did the actors in the UK think it was unlucky to have on the stage?

26. Members of which club in London went against superstitions?

27. Which comedian has humorous interpretation to many silly beliefs?

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Quiz on Stone Soup (English)

28. Who said "Uninvited guests are pests."?

29. Who pretended to be hard of hearing?

30. Who talked gibberish?

31. Who said "My larder is empty."?

32. What did the Traveller say he has?

33. Who gave potatoes?

34. What did Sonabai give?

35. Who gave carrots?

36. Who gave beans, onions and a piece of ginger?

37. What happened to the stone?

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Quiz on The Fly (English)

38. How must a rosebud appear to the tiny fly?

39. How must a rosebud's prickle appear to the tiny fly?

40. How must a dewdrop appear to the tiny fly?

41. How must a hair appear to the tiny fly?

42. How must the smallest grain of mustard-seed appear to the tiny fly?

43. How must a loaf of bread appear to the tiny fly?

44. How must a wasp appear to the tiny fly?

45. How must specks of salt appear to the tiny fly?

46. Who is the author of The Fly?

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Quiz on The King’s New Palace (English)

47. Where did a king live?

48. What did the king wish to build for himself?

49. What did the king want his new palace to be?

50. Whom did the king send to cut down the biggest tree they could find?

51. What did the foresters find not very far from the palace?

52. Who appeared to the king in his dream?

53. What was the king's reaction to the tree god's request?

54. Why did the tree god want to prolong his suffering?

55. On what did the king decide to build his new palace?

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Quiz on Robin Hood Meets Friar Tuck (English)

56. Who knew the Friar Well?

57. What was the Friar eating?

58. What did the Friar take from Robin Hood?

59. Where did the Friar throw Robin Hood into the water?

60. How long did Robin Hood and the Friar fight?

61. What did Robin Hood blow?

62. Of what metal was the Friar's whistle?

63. How many dogs burst forth when the Friar blew the whistle?

64. Where had Will Scarlet joined Robin Hood's merry men?

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Quiz on The Ballad of Semmerwater (English)

65. How many feet is a fathom?

66. What come and go in the lake?

67. Who said "I faint for lack of bread."?

68. What is a wakeman?

69. What did the herdsman give the beggar to eat?

70. What did the herdsman give the beggar to drink?

71. What is dale?

72. What did the beggar do to the city?

73. Who is the author of The Ballad of Semmerwater?

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Quiz on An Autobiography (English)

74. Where was the leopard born?

75. Who taught the leopard all that was necessary for surviving?

76. What killed a brother of the leopard?

77. Who were coming towards the bush where the leopard was hiding?

78. What had the leopard's mother taught it about smells of other leopards?

79. What did the leopard stumble upon?

80. Who saw the leopard and started shouting?

81. How long did the leopard hide in the field?

82. What killed the cat?

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