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Quiz on Social Environment (General Science)

1. Which environment provides for good social health?

2. What are important components of the environment?

3. For what do animals and plants use abiotic components?

4. What release waste water in huge quantities?

5. What spread diseases like malaria and dengue?

6. What is endangered when water mixed with poisonous substances is supplied to a town?

7. What do not decompose for years?

8. What adds to the hospital's garbage?

9. Whose function is it to put in place the mechanism for disposing medical waste?

Quiz on Our Environment (General Science)

10. What is the area around certain person or thing?

11. What all those things which are related to our life together called?

12. What are biotic elements?

13. Which of the following is not an abiotic element?

14. What do plants use given out by living things during respiration, to make food?

15. What is conversion of water into vapour to clouds and return to earth as rain called?

16. What do living things use from the atmosphere for respiration?

17. What acts like a protective umbrella?

18. When is Ozone Day observed?

Quiz on Our Earth and its Special Features (General Science)

19. What are found only on the earth?

20. How far is the earth away from the sun?

21. What is necessary for respiration in living things?

22. What are useful to plants for their growth?

23. What is the envelope of water the earth has called?

24. What do we obtain by cultivating the land?

25. Which is the outermost part of the earth?

26. What includes about 82% of the earth's total volume?

27. Which two continents were there 20 crore years ago?

28. Which Japanese word means 'a big wave that collides with the shore'?

Quiz on Organ Systems (General Science)

29. Which organ helps us to hear sounds?

30. Which organ tells us the tastes of the food we eat?

31. What are glands producing saliva called?

32. Which of the following is not part of the digestive system?

33. What is the digestive juice that mixes with the food in the stomach called?

34. What is produced in liver?

35. What is the tube through which air enters the body called?

36. What are minute sacs in the lungs called?

37. What is the muscle partition of the bony rib - cage called?

38. Which of the following is not part of the respiratory system?

Quiz on Method of Separating Substances (General Science)

39. What around us is a mixture of gases?

40. What are formed when different solids, liquids, and gases mixed together?

41. What is churned to separate butter from it?

42. What is done to wheat to separate the grain from ears?

43. What gets blown away in winnowing?

44. What is used for sifting?

45. What is used in a laboratory for separating substances through filtration?

46. What is solids when heated changing straight into a gas, not into a liquid first, called?

47. Which of the following is not a magnetic substance?

Quiz on Work and Energy (General Science)

48. What is the capacity to work called?

49. What does the body use to enable us to apply muscular force?

50. What is the stored up energy which has the potential to do work called?

51. What is the energy that a body gets because of its motion called?

52. What are the substances in the fireworks packed with?

53. What is used to separate iron from other scrap?

54. What is used in fan, fridge, washing machine and water heater?

55. What is converted into kinetic energy in an electric motor?

56. Which of the following is a conventional source of energy?

57. Which of the following is a non-conventional source of energy?

Quiz on Simple Machines (General Science)

58. What are devices with a simple structure called?

59. What is a sloping board used to push boxes in a truck?

60. Which of the following is a simple machine?

61. What is a wheel used to draw water out of a well called?

62. What is a rigid rod that turns around a fixed support called?

63. How many kinds of lever are there?

64. Where is the fulcrum in levers of the first order?

65. What do we used to remove metal lids of bottles of aerated drinks?

66. Of which order of a leaver is a fishing rod with anglers to pull out a fish?

67. What do a wheel and its axle form?

Quiz on Motion and Types of Motion (General Science)

68. What is motion in only one direction called?

69. What is motion in which a specific distance is covered in a particular period called?

70. What is a back and forth repetitive motion called?

71. What is the motion of an object passing through a point at regular intervals called?

72. What is a motion whose direction changes continuously called?

73. What is a motion along a circle called?

74. What is the distance travelled by an object in a unit of time called?

75. Which of the following is an example of random motion?

76. Which of the following is an example of periodic motion?

Quiz on Force (General Science)

77. What is needed to make an object move?

78. What is the force applied by using body parts like arms or legs called?

79. What are used to get mechanical force?

80. What is the force applied by the earth called?

81. What is the force exerted by a magnet called?

82. What is the speed of maglev train?

83. What is the force that acts between a moving object and the surface called?

84. What is the force that is electricity produced due to friction called?

85. What is used in cranes to lift heavy loads?

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