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Quiz on Agriculture (General Science)

1. Write the three stages of the tilling of land in the proper order.

2. Which of the following is not a pesticide?

3. What is preventive spraying?

4. What is curative spraying?

5. What is used for harvesting?

6. What is used to dig the ground?

7. What is used to pull and spread soil?

8. What is done when the crop is ready?

9. What is tissue culture?

10. What is black gram?

11. What is masoor?

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Quiz on Animal Husbandry (General Science)

12. What has been traditionally used a fuel?

13. What are made from hair of pigs and camels?

14. Which birds were used to carry messages in olden times?

15. What is ambon?

16. Why are horses given gram as supplementary food?

17. What is pig's meat?

18. What are hens kept for laying eggs called?

19. Which animal grows a pearl?

20. What is obtained from palas tree?

21. What is business of rearing silkworm to obtain silk fibre called?

22. What is pisciculture?

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Quiz on Air (General Science)

23. Name the constituents of air.

24. What is the proportion of nitrogen in air?

25. What is the proportion of oxygen in air?

26. Of what use is carbon dioxide to plants?

27. What is meant by nitrogen fixation?

28. How does nitrogen fixation happen?

29. What function does an observatory perform?

30. What causes greenhouse effect?

31. What is found in clouds and mist?

32. What is used in aerated drinks?

33. What is used in electric bulbs?

34. What is used to obtain very low temperatures?

35. What is used in the production of nitric acid?

36. What is mandatory to treat before letting them out?

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Quiz on Soil (General Science)

37. What is soil made of?

38. Which are the constituents of plant origin in soil?

39. What steps can be taken to prevent erosion of soil?

40. Which are man's basic needs satisfied by plants?

41. What are the organic constituents of soil?

42. What is the disturbance of natural balance of soil called?

43. When did the Government of India first start the social forestry projects?

44. Which soil has the greatest capacity for holding water?

45. What gives an idea of fertility, drainage and other properties of soil?

46. Which brigade carries out the social forestry project in Maharashtra?

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Quiz on Metals and Non-Metals (General Science)

47. Why is copper used for electrical wiring in our houses?

48. Why does a copper vessel shine again after scrubbing?

49. What is meant by corrosion?

50. Why are ornaments generally not made from 24-carat gold?

51. Why are ships painted at frequent intervals?

52. Why are gold and platinum called noble elements?

53. What are properties of metals?

54. Which metal is used in thermometer?

55. Which is an alloy of iron, carbon, nickel, chromium?

56. Which metals are contained in bronze?

57. Which gas is released when metals react chemically with acids?

58. What is formed when a metal combines with oxygen?

59. Which non-metal is used in gun powder?

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Quiz on Carbon and Carbon Compounds (General Science)

60. What is meant by an allotrope?

61. Which are the allotropes of carbon?

62. Why is diamond used to cut metals?

63. Why is carbon dioxide is used for putting out fires?

64. Which gas is formed in a biogas plant?

65. What is fullerene?

66. What turns lime water milky?

67. How is charcoal made?

68. How is graphite used in pencil known?

69. What is the percentage of carbon in peat?

70. Who of the following was not awarded Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996?

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Quiz on Electric Current (General Science)

71. Why is the direction of the current in an electric motor reversed after every half round?

72. How can the strength of an electro-magnet be increased?

73. What is the principle of an electric motor?

74. Why is there a key in an electrical circuit?

75. Why in an electric bell, the electric currents stop again and again?

76. Why are electrical switches made of plastic?

77. When was the Leclanche cell made?

78. Which cell is also called lithium cell?

79. Who gets the credit for the experiment of electro-magnetic induction?

80. What gives protection from electrical current?

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Quiz on Properties of Substances (General Science)

81. Which are the states of matter?

82. What is melting point?

83. What is boiling point?

84. What is evaporation?

85. What changes from solid to liquid to gas when a candle burns?

86. What is the melting point of ice?

87. What is the boiling point of water?

88. Which method is used to obtain salt from sea water in salt pans?

89. What is the boiling point of ethanol?

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Quiz on Reflection of Light (General Science)

90. How many times is an image in a plane mirror bigger or smaller than the object?

91. Where is the image formed in a plane mirror located?

92. How many images are obtained in two parallel mirrors?

93. Why are the two mirrors in a periscope placed parallel to each other?

94. What is a reflection from a rough surface called?

95. What is a reflection from a smooth surface called?

96. What paint is used along the sides of the road?

97. Why do letters appear laterally inverted in a plane mirror?

98. What image is caused by fluorescent light?

99. How is the image inverted in a plane mirror?

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