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Quiz on The Age of Revolutions (History of Modern India)

1. How many colonies did the British found in North America between 1607 and 1733?

2. Who is regarded as the Father of the French Revolution?

3. Where did the Industrial Revolution start and then spread to other parts of the western world?

4. Who led the army of the colonies against England?

5. Who played an important part in drafting the Declaration of Independence?

6. Who put for the theory of separation of powers?

7. On which goods produced in the American colonies did England impose taxes?

8. Who were included in the Third Estate in France?

9. State the principles that the French Revolution gave the world.

10. Why did the American colonies declare : 'No Representation, No Taxes'?

11. What is Montesquieu's theory of separation of powers?

12. Which fundamental rights are included in the Declaration of Human Rights?

13. Why did the American colonies boycott the British goods?

14. Why did the enraged people of France storm the prison of Bastille?

15. When was the Declaration of American Independence?

16. When was the storming of the prison of Bastille?

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